Imperial Irrigation District (IID) QR 123: Utility Scale (20-40 MW) Battery Storage Project

Posted: January 6, 2014 - 19:40 / CA / FOA-RFI-RFP

Imperial Irrigation District (IID), an irrigation district established under Division 11 of the California Water Code, Sections 20500 et seq., provides non-potable water, farm drainage and power services to the lower southeastern portion of California's desert, is requesting qualifications from highly qualified Respondents to design, engineer, procure and construct a utility scale energy storage project that will accommodate, at a minimum, the following operational characteristics:

  1. Provide Spin/Non-Spin Reserves
  2. Provide automatic ramping
  3. Provide Frequency Regulation
  4. Provide Capacity (20-40 MW)
  5. Support intermittent renewable integration
  6. Peak shift energy
  7. Provide Black Start Capability
  8. Provide ancillary service capacity
  9. Smooth intermittent resource output
  10. Improve short-duration performance
  11. Improve system reliability
  12. Improve power quality
  13. Integrate intermittent distributed generation
  14. Provide uninterruptible power supply