Iowa Utilities Board Order Opening Inquiry if Distributed Generation and Soliciting Comments; Docket No. NOI-2014-001

Posted: January 7, 2014 - 20:00 / Iowa Utilities Board / ESA Filings

Energy efficiency plan proceedings were recently concluded by the Utilities
Board (Board) with final orders issued for Interstate Power and Light Company (Docket No. EEP-2012-0001) and MidAmerican Energy Company (Docket No. EEP-2012-0002). In the energy efficiency plan orders, the Board recognized that the debate over whether rate-regulated utilities should have an incentive-based renewable energy program is part of a larger debate regarding distributed generation in general. The Board announced its intent to commence an inquiry into the broader subject of distributed generation to consider the policy and technical issues associated with its potential widespread use, including consumer protection, interconnection, and safety.

Participants are invited to respond to some or all of the questions. Participants may also provide any additional comments or information that they believe are relevant to this inquiry.

The Board recognizes that the comments by various participants could be
extensive. To facilitate review of the information, participants who file comments that exceed 20 pages are asked to include an executive summary that does not exceed two pages. Also, in order to frame the issues for further discussion, all participants who file comments are asked to list what they view as the most significant issues related to distributed generation. Participants are asked to keep this list to five issues
or less.

Responses to the following questions and other comments from participants
will assist the Board in determining the next steps for this inquiry:

  1. What are the potential benefits and challenges of distributed generation for utilities and ratepayers? Are these different for utility-owned distributed generation versus customer-owned distributed generation?
  2. Are there policies the Board, other state agencies, or the General Assembly should examine related to distributed generation?
  3. What other topics (i.e., technological, financial, regulatory, safety, or others) should be examined in this docket?

A notice of inquiry is opened to address distributed generation. The inquiry is identified as Docket No. NOI-2014-0001. Participants are invited to providethe information identified in this order on or before February 25, 2014.