New Mexico Renewable Energy Storage Task Force Report

Posted: November 18, 2013 - 19:42 / New Mexico / Reports

This report captures the research and ideas raised by the Renewable Energy Storage Task Force whose members represent diverse interests from energy related organizations in New Mexico. The Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department has compiled the following list of options, generated by this Task Force, to encourage Renewable Energy Storage in New Mexico. This report is not a document of policy preferences, rather it is a reference point capturing the progress of this team of experts from which to launch additional efforts. 
The ideas presented below are options, not recommendations, and the Task Force did not rank or reach consensus on these options; inclusion in this report does not reflect that all Task Force participants are in support of each option mentioned. 

  1. Create an energy storage advisory council to guide state government on renewable energy storage development and deployment in New Mexico. 
  2. Coordinate with other Western states to collectively identify opportunities for regional renewable energy storage. 
  3. Evaluate existing incentives for business development and modify them as needed to encourage design and manufacture of energy storage software and controls. 
  4. Continue research and development activities in partnership with New Mexico’s national laboratories, universities and utilities. 
  5. Support a large-scale energy storage demonstration project. 
  6. Consider examining time-of-use rate expansion and how it would impact New Mexico ratepayers. 
  7. Explore modifications to the New Mexico Production Tax Credit (PTC) to provide more certainty to the renewable energy industry and/or directly incentivize renewable