Overview of Development and Deployment of Codes, Standards, and Regulations Affecting Energy Storage System Safety in the United States

Posted: August 8, 2014 - 19:00 / PNNL / Reports

The purpose of this document is to acquaint stakeholders and interested parties involved in the development and/or deployment of energy storage systems (ESS) with the subject of safety-related codes, standards and regulations (CSRs). It is hoped that users of this document gain a more in depth and uniform understanding of safety-related CSR development and deployment that can foster improved communications among all ESS stakeholders and the collaboration needed to realize more timely acceptance and approval of safe ESS technology through appropriate CSR.

This document addresses how CSR that provide minimum safety requirements applicable to ESS are developed and deployed in the United States. It is recognized that the development and deployment of CSR internationally at the national, regional or global level are also of relevance and interest to the ESS industry and stakeholders and interested parties. The immediate need for this document in supporting the upcoming Strategy for Energy Storage Safety (DOE 2014) suggests that the focus for the first version of this document be on the United States and extended and enhanced in the future to address efforts outside the United States. One exception is the inclusion in this document of U.S. efforts associated with relevant standards development at the global level through the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This document does not address the value of or economics associated with ESS, which will also affect the deployment of ESS. Those and other issues will certainly have an impact on a decision to apply (or not) ESS. On the other hand, CSR will impact if and the manner in which ESS can be deployed.

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