Reforming the Energy Vision: NYS Department of Public Service Staff Report and Proposal

Posted: April 24, 2014 - 19:18 / NY PSC / ESA Filings

The Commission’s Order of December 26, 2013 in Case 07-M-05481 (the “EEPS Order”) announced a fundamental reconsideration of our regulatory paradigms and markets, examining how policy objectives are served both by clean energy programs and by the regulation of distribution utilities. With respect to our regulation of distribution utilities, the Order identified the following key questions:

  • What should be the role of the distribution utilities in enabling system wide efficiency and market based deployment of distributed energy resources and load management?
  • What changes can and should be made in the current regulatory, tariff, and market design and incentive structures in New York to better align utility interests with achieving our energy policy objectives?

This Staff proposal provides a framework to respond to the challenges articulated in the Commission’s Order and the draft State Energy Plan.