SCE Goleta Area RFO

Posted: December 1, 2016 - 08:31 / RFO / FOA-RFI-RFP
SCE will launch the Goleta Area RFO during the first quarter of 2017, potentially for the following behind-the-meter (BTM) and in-front-of-meter (IFOM) distribution energy resources:
• Demand Response (traditional load reduction and battery storage) 
• Energy Efficiency 
• Permanent Load Shift 
• Energy Storage (IFOM) 
• Renewable DG (IFOM and BTM) 
• Solar PV/Energy Storage Hybrid (IFOM and BTM) 
• Combined Heat & Power 
• Fuel Cells 
A workshop has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, 2016 from 9am to 12 pm PST at the UC Santa Barbara Campus to discuss the details of the RFO. Additional details, such as the specific conference auditorium, parking, and other logistics, will be provided shortly. Register for the workshop by going to this website:
Among the topics to be discussed at the workshop are:
• Purpose of RFO 
• Targeted need (MW) 
• Solicited products (e.g., eligibility requirements, preferences) 
• RFO process (e.g., timelines, offer selection process) 
• Customer composition in the Goleta Area 
• Interconnection requirements 
• Dual participation (e.g., RFO PPAs, DR programs)