Southern California Edison announces location change in solicitation expected to launch in late 2017

Posted: August 3, 2017 - 15:58 / FOA-RFI-RFP
On May 11, 2017, SCE announced its intention to launch a solicitation in the fourth quarter of 2017 pursuant to California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) Decision (“D.”) 16-12-036. In that notification, SCE identified three distribution network upgrade projects where it was likely to seek Distributed Energy Resources (“DERs”) to displace or defer the need for capital expenditures for traditional distribution infrastructure upgrades: Bassett, Farrell and Newbury. At this time SCE is removing the Bassett project from consideration, consistent with Advice 3620-E-A filed on July 28, 2017. As such, the remaining projects are:
Farrell Project:
- Desert Outpost 33/12 substation located in Cathedral City
- Eisenhower 115/12 substation located in Palm Springs
Newbury Project:
- Intrepid 16 kV, Hooligan 16 kV and Belpac 16 kV circuits located in Thousand Oaks southwest of the Newbury 66/16 kV substation
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SCE Energy Procurement Team