Status Report on Power System Transformation A 21st Century Power Partnership Report

Posted: August 19, 2015 - 10:05 / Reports

Power system transformation is a complex, active process that is taking place at different rates and in different forms around the world. This transformation has multiple drivers, including technological advances, policy goals, and social change, and multiple enablers, especially policy, financial, and business model innovation. In response to evolving policies and customer preferences, investment patterns are changing rapidly and will continue to change over the coming decades. Investment is flowing increasingly not just toward new generation technologies like renewable energy and cleaner conventional generation, but toward an ecosystem of smarter grids, energy efficiency technologies, demand-side flexibility, storage, electric vehicles and integrated heating and cooling systems. Many of these elements can be seen individually across the world today, yet a clear picture of the breadth and depth of power system transformation is still limited.

This report aims to bring that picture into sharper focus, bolstering the evidence base for power system transformation by providing a collection of empirical examples of the types of innovations that are emerging around the world. This collection of examples can serve as a unique source of real-world evidence—and inspiration—to enable decision makers to take action. As the cases reveal, the word “innovation” itself is not limited to merely technology, but applies widely across market design, planning, operation, institutional coordination, finance, business models, and stakeholder engagement. 

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Mackay MillerEric MartinotSadie CoxBethany SpeerOwen ZinamanSam Booth1 , Romain Zissler, Jaquelin Cochran, S.K. Soonee, Pierre Audinet, Luis Munuera, and Doug Arent7

1. National Renewable Energy Laboratory

2. Beijing Institute of Technology

3. Japan Renewable Energy Foundation

4. Power System Operation Corporation, Ltd, India

5. World Bank Energy Sector Management Assistance Program

6. International Energy Agency

7. Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis

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