What do State Policymakers Know About Energy Storage? Results of a Survey of State Regulators and Legislators

Posted: November 12, 2012 - 18:59 / NARUC / Reports

New technologies have a tough time obtaining investor-­‐backed funding and making it into the market, especially innovations that could potentially disrupt our nation’s risk-­‐averse electrical grid.  Energy storage is a case in point.  The chief criticism of these advanced technologies is not that they don’t work (they do) or that they won’t be incredibly useful to the grid (they are), but that they cost too much.  But if one takes into account all of the values that energy storage technologies provide the grid, their installation becomes equal to oreven less expensive than building traditional generation technologies.

The key is then is to convey the appropriate value to those who must assess it: state legislators and regulators. The first step in this process is to find out what these decision-­makers already know about energy storage so that the industry can focus its efforts efficiently and appropriately.

This report serves as a record of that baseline developed from a survey administered to those key policymakers.  This baseline will enable the industry to focus its education efforts in a more effective way for state regulators and legislators.