The Energy Storage Corporate Responsibility Initiative – FAQs

What is the impetus for the Energy Storage Corporate Responsibility Initiative?

According to the most recent U.S. Energy Storage Monitor issued by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables and the Energy Storage Association (ESA), the U.S. energy storage market nearly doubled in 2018 and is expected to double again in 2019. Further, the recently-released 2019 U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER) unveiled an almost 18 percent increase in battery energy storage jobs in 2018 – the highest growth rate across any technology in the entire energy sector – along with a 14 percent increase in storage jobs overall.

With the continued growth of the energy storage industry, it is reasonable to anticipate and plan for the potential of operational safety risks, just as our colleagues in other energy industry sectors experienced challenges over the years arising from rapid deployment at commercial scale. We intend to work proactively to address topics head-on that could otherwise disrupt the industry’s progress.

What is the Energy Storage Corporate Responsibility Initiative?

The Initiative launches with the execution of the Pledge by energy storage industry stakeholders, which signals the intent of all signatories to engage in a good-faith effort to optimize performance, minimize risk and serve as an exemplary corporate citizen in the manufacturing, deployment, implementation and operation of energy storage projects across the United States.

Following the unveiling of the Pledge at an April 18, 2019 press event, ESA hosted the inaugural meeting of the Corporate Responsibility Task Force. The Task Force will continue to meet throughout the year, normally by teleconference, to address the development of best practices on a series of topics that could disrupt the industry’s progress if left unchecked. The best practices documents developed by the Task Force will be shared publicly and promoted by ESA.

Who can sign the Energy Storage Corporate Responsibility Pledge?

Any authorized representative of an organization can execute the pledge on behalf of their organization. The pledge represents a commitment by the signatory organization – not just the individual.

While we are soliciting signatories from across our membership, other key industry stakeholders may be invited to participate, as appropriate.

What is the purpose of the Pledge, and what is it going to be used for?

The Pledge is intended to signal to the public that the energy storage industry recognizes the importance of corporate responsibility. Executing the Pledge is a prerequisite to participating in the Corporate Responsibility Task Force.

Who can serve on the Task Force?

Representatives from companies that have executed the Pledge, along with special invitees by the ESA Board of Directors, may participate in the Task Force. All Task Force meetings are closed to the media and non-Task Force individuals.

What topics will the Task Force address?

At this time three phases of the Task Force are planned. The three phases of the Task Force will work to establish best practices in the following areas: potential operational hazards, end-of-life and recycling, and responsible supply chain practices.

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