October 1, 2019

Energy Storage Association (ESA) Leads Safety Plan for Storage Businesses Nationwide

ESA Launches the first product of the Corporate Responsibility Initiative with new Emergency Response Plan   

(Washington, DC – October 1, 2019) – The U.S. Energy Storage Association (ESA) published an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to provide storage businesses nationwide with a comprehensive playbook for risk and safety issue management.  The ERP is the first product of  ESA’s Energy Storage Corporate Responsibility Initiative (CRI) Task Force which was announced in March of this year, followed by the Corporate Responsibility Pledge in April.

“As the energy storage industry continues its exponential growth, the need for risk and safety management guidelines tailored to this market becomes even more crucial ,” said ESA CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman. “The Corporate Responsibility Initiative Task Force has taken a lead role in identifying and providing safety best practices for businesses and organizations nationwide, to mitigate potential issues and future-proof the energy storage industry. ESA’s Emergency Response Plan is just the first of many CRI offerings which will help ensure that kind of responsible growth.”

The ERP will serve as a resource for site owners and operators to use as a reference while developing response plans for their own respective facilities.It highlights the importance of coordinating with first responders — particularly during early planning phases of a project — to ensure a complete, detailed understanding of potential emergencies and the proper safety responses.

The ERP’s highest priority is to protect the safety of staff, first responders, the public, and the environment.

To join the Energy Storage Corporate Responsibility Initiative, interested parties may execute the CRI Pledge. Once executed, please email it to info@energystorage.org. For more information, see ESA’s Frequently Asked Questions page about the Pledge and CRI. 

Media Contact:
John Buhl, on behalf of ESA

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