October 12, 2018

ESA Advocates Storage in New Jersey’s 2019 Energy Master Plan

ESA is submitting comments today to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities in response to a request for stakeholder input on the state’s 2019 Energy Master Plan. In our comments, ESA recommends a set of policy actions over the next ten years that are needed to ensure a more resilient grid, specifically focusing on policies to unlock the energy storage market in the State of New Jersey. ESA calls for the BPU and Murphy administration to initiate a robust and long-term review of the rules and regulations that govern the electricity system. Specifically, ESA recommends the BPU develop programs for behind-the-meter and front of meter resources to provide grid benefits and non-wires solutions, place greater consideration of energy storage in resource planning, develop a dual-participation framework for DER storage, and engage PJM to ensure wholesale market rules align with the guidance of FERC Order 841 and New Jersey’s storage goals.

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