April 26, 2019

ESA and Members Sign Agreement with PJM Resolving Regulation Market Dispute

ESA and several energy storage industry member companies signed a formal settlement agreement with PJM, resolving a long-standing dispute over changes in 2017 to the PJM Regulation market. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) had previously issued a ruling that sided with ESA’s complaint, finding that PJM erred in changing its Regulation market signal and benefits factor unilaterally, rather than file such changes for Commission review. The settlement allows ESA members to continue operating their assets in the Regulation market without undue penalties from the market changes and under status quo ante rules for clearing and payment; in exchange, ESA and its members agree not to oppose implementation of a single Regulation control signal. The settlements represents a compromise acceptable to all parties and a victory for ESA, demonstrating our cooperation with the broader electric industry and system operators to optimize the grid with energy storage.

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