December 4, 2020

ESA and Other Trade Associations File Defense of PJM Capacity Accreditation Reforms for Storage

Today ESA, along with AWEA, SEIA, and AEE (the “Clean Energy Associations”), filed an answer to protests of certain stakeholders of PJM’s proposal in Docket No. ER21-278 to reform the capacity accreditation of energy storage, hybrid resources, and other resources. Specifically, the Clean Energy Associations argue that the method for modeling storage in PJM’s ELCC framework is a necessary update for just and reasonable rates, is consistent with how PJM intends to operate the system during peak demand periods, and reflects reasonable assumptions about market pricing and storage operations. Additionally, the filing defends the transition mechanism used to limit uncertainty for ELCC resources in the initial years of the implemented reforms. ESA and others seek the expeditious approval of PJM’s tariff amendment by the end of 2021 such that it can be implemented in time for the 2023/24 delivery year auction.

Last month, ESA jointly filed comments with the Clean Energy Associations to express support for PJM’s proposed capacity accreditation reforms in Docket No. ER21-278, submitted on 10/30.


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