March 17, 2020

ESA Calls on Arizona to Establish a Meaningful Clean Peak Standard

ESA submits comments to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) today broadly supportive of the state’s third revised draft of the ACC’s Energy Rules (Docket no. RU-00000A-18-0284). However, ESA recommends that the ACC ensure the Clean Peak Standard (CPS) is meaningful by making the standard additional to already-existing clean peak resources. ACC staff proposed a CPS that requires at least 30% of retail kWh sales during peak periods come from clean energy resources by 2035. However, Arizona already receives close to 30% of its electricity from nuclear energy resources, which would nearly fulfill a 30% CPS and thus not result in development of additional clean peak resources. To ensure that new clean energy resources like energy storage are developed, ESA recommends that the CPS specify that 30% of all peak retail sales beyond the current baseline level of clean peak retail sales should come from clean energy resources.

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