April 30, 2020

ESA Calls for Fair Treatment of Energy Storage Resources in Michigan’s Interconnection Rules

ESA submits comments today on the Michigan Public Service Commission Staff’s second draft rules (Case No. U-20344) on interconnection of distributed generation resources that were issued on February 28, 2020. In these comments, ESA provides recommendations for revisions necessary to streamline the study timeline process and to ensure fair treatment of energy storage in Michigan’s interconnection rules.

Specifically, ESA makes recommendations to (1) use “net system capacity” as an alternative method of determining study assumption for energy storage systems paired with generation (as opposed to using aggregate capacity); (2) include a customer’s “proposed use” of a distributed generation system; and (3) include rules to govern “inadvertent exports” from distributed generation systems that are permitted to perform this function.  These recommendations mirror distribution interconnection standards for which ESA has previously advocated and successfully gained adoption in Nevada and Maryland.

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