October 1, 2020

ESA Comments on Ways to Enhance Hybrid Storage Resource Accreditation in MISO

ESA submitted comments on 9/23/2020 to the MISO Resource Adequacy Subcommittee on surplus interconnection treatment and hybrid resource accreditation (Issue Tracking ID#: IR086).

ESA’s comments expressed support for MISO’s proposal to use the current accreditation methodology that involves separately assigning capacity values to individual components of a hybrid resource, and summing them together (with the total value capped at the point of interconnection level) in the near term. This approach would be consistent with approaches that have been under consideration in other RTO/ISO’s. ESA also expressed support of MISO’s interest in developing a different accreditation construct in the long-run (one year from now) that is based on resource performance data. Several RTOs/ISOs around the country are exploring comprehensive effective load carrying capability (ELCC) approaches for capacity accreditation. An ELCC approach is one longer-term option that ESA encourages MISO to explore.

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