June 2, 2021

ESA Provides Recommendations to SPP to Improve Storage Capacity Accreditation Study

ESA submitted feedback yesterday on the SPP SAWG’s ELCC Standalone Battery Study Scope, which included recommendations for improvements to the current study and requests to clarify aspects of the scope. Specifically, ESA recommended SPP
  1. incorporate projections of wind and solar generation levels to better capture the value of storage as renewables provide an increasing share of electricity supply;
  2. include storage durations greater than 8 hours in the study scenarios, as well as specify the durations that can secure a 100% ELCC rating;
  3. model future tiers of battery storage up to 8,000 MW as was previously done in 2019, rather than up to 5,000 MW as proposed in the Study Scope;
  4. add future indicative capacity values in the next 5-10 years to provide project developers with a sense of what future capacity values may be; and
  5. include transmission constraints in the modeling to take into account actual operating conditions and to more accurately inform the capacity values of different durations of energy storage.
ESA additionally asked clarifying questions about the Study Scope’s proposed minimum duration policy and how storage durations over 4 hours will be treated in the Study.


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