July 29, 2020

ESA Recommends Suite of Interim Targets, Regulatory Updates, and Programs to Attain Virginia’s Energy Storage Targets

ESA submitted comments today to the Virginia State Corporation Commission (Commission) on Case No. PUR-2020-00120, which outlines a set of interim targets, regulatory reforms, and supporting programs to implement the 3,100 MW storage procurement mandate in the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), summarized here. ESA recommended initial interim targets for each of Virginia’s two regulated utilities, together cumulatively totaling 500 MW by 2023 and 1,100 MW by 2026. ESA identified updates to integrated resource planning needed to appropriately incorporate storage and recommends solicitations capture a range of storage business models. ESA proposed program designs in response to the Commission inquiry on behind-the-meter storage incentives, non-wires alternatives, and peak demand reduction programs. Additionally, ESA responded to Commission questions regarding the definitions, competitive provision, and other topics for implementing regulations. ESA expects to continue engaging on this docket to provide support throughout the implementation process, including the proposal of regulatory language to include in the Administrative Code. The VCEA directs the Commission to promulgate implementing regulations by January 1, 2021.


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