November 14, 2018

ESA Reply Comments Advocate for Nevada Energy Storage Target

ESA filed reply comments today in response to a request for comments by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada on the implement of Senate Bill 204 (2017), which calls on the Commission to set energy storage targets if it is determined that energy storage is in the public interest. In our comments, ESA directly addresses concerns articulated in other parties’ opening comments about whether energy storage targets are in the public interest, noting that their concerns can be addressed in the development of a target and do not in themselves suggest a target is not in the public interest. Additionally, ESA reiterates the importance for a long-term policy signal in the form of an energy storage target to achieve the public interest and agrees with parties who suggest that the IRP and DRP processes are the appropriate mechanism by which to procure energy storage in a way that is aligned with the system’s needs.

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