October 15, 2021

ESA Seeks Reconsideration of Modified Incentives for Connecticut Energy Storage Program

ESA filed joined comments with the Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC) in response to reduced incentive levels for Connecticut’s 580 MW behind-the-meter energy storage program. The CT Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) had issued a final decision on 7/28 that set incentives levels for the program, but also directed the Connecticut Green Bank (CGB) to adjust the incentive levels based on the latest Avoided Energy Supply Components in New England: 2021 Report, as well as to achieve a Ratepayer Impact Measure (RIM) of 1.4. CGB’s adjustments to the incentive levels filed on 10/1 made significant reductions in program incentives in order to comply with PURA’s direction. In the reply comments, ESA and NECEC supported certain decisions that the CGB made in its calculations to preserve incentive levels as much as possible given the direction provided by PURA’s order, but also urged PURA to consider revising the RIM threshold in its 2022 annual program review. Additionally, ESA and NECEC requested an examination of program administrative costs to ensure that they are appropriately allocated in the cost benefit analysis.


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