August 30, 2021

ESA Statement on Commissioner Neil Chatterjee Leaving FERC

“We thank Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Commissioner Neil Chatterjee for his dedicated leadership over the past four years,” said U.S. Energy Storage Association Interim CEO Jason Burwen. “His defense of Order 841 removed barriers to energy storage, positively impacting the power system from every location on the grid. Thanks to his bold vision to ensure policy kept pace with technology, the energy storage industry has grown immensely, making it easier for consumers to benefit from greater competition among resources. Moreover, Commissioner Chatterjee had the foresight that our electric grid will become more modernized and distributed, and his advancement of Order 2222 will drive harmonization of regulatory frameworks at both the wholesale and retail levels—with energy storage at the center. Commissioner Chatterjee blazed a path for the “storage decade” ahead in which energy storage stands at the heart of a market-friendly electric grid that meets customer demands for resilience, accelerates power system decarbonization, and delivers affordable electric service.”

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