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March 31, 2021

ESA Statement on President Biden’s American Jobs Plan

“To build back better, the United States must deploy energy storage at an unprecedented scale. President Biden’s American Jobs Plan would put us on that path. From factory to grid to frontline communities, it has the policies needed to achieve our goal of 100 GW of new energy storage by 2030 to decarbonize our power system, make our infrastructure resilient and put Americans in every state to work in a globally competitive industry,” U.S. Energy Storage Association Interim CEO Jason Burwen said.

“ESA commends the White House for prioritizing energy storage and policies that support the industry’s growth in the American Jobs Plan. Chief among those priorities is the investment tax credit (ITC) for energy storage, which will level the playing field with other clean energy technologies and accelerate storage deployments to the pace required to meet the president’s goal of a carbon-free electric system by 2035.”

“Important parts of the American Jobs Plan—like the 48C tax credit and targeted grants to build or retool factories— promote needed increases in U.S. battery manufacturing capacity and a supply chain that is reliable and independent. Additionally, the Plan leverages the power of federal government purchasing to accelerate the availability of 24/7 carbon-free energy, made possible through energy storage in combination with wind, solar, hydro, and other clean energy sources. The Plan also invests in electric service resilience for communities that have historically shouldered unequitable burdens of pollution and are on the front lines of adapting to climate change-driven extreme weather. All of these efforts are supported in the Plan by continued rising public investment in energy storage innovation, which will drive further cost reductions for the full diversity of storage technologies that we will need to meet the jobs, security, health, equity, and environmental goals of the Biden Administration.”

“Investing in energy storage and other clean energy technologies provides American workers with high-paying, good-quality jobs. Modernizing the power system and delivering clean electricity makes our country stronger, our communities healthier and more equitable, and our infrastructure more resilient, affordable, and reliable. We stand ready to work with the Biden Administration, Congress, and state leaders to build back better with energy storage.”

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