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Webinar: End of Life and Recycling: Advanced Energy Storage Systems

Deployment of energy storage can support increased electrical grid flexibility, clean energy deployment and reduction of fossil fuel use. However, the increased use of advanced battery technologies is leading to concerns from policymakers and power sector stakeholders about unintended environmental consequences. While the global market begins to adopt advanced energy storage systems, such as lithium ion batteries, for onsite back-up, solar arrays, microgrids, and other power system applications, increased attention is warranted on how to handle and manage end-of-life and recycling of energy storage systems in an environmentally responsible manner.

Brittany Westlake and Stephanie Shaw at EPRI will begin with an overview of the system components used in lithium ion and flow batteries. They will introduce environmental analyses such as life cycle assessments (LCA) and cost methodologies used for batteries and other energy storage systems in the context of recycling and disposal. We’ll then hear from Carl Smith of Call2Recycle, a 25-year old non-profit solely devoted to managing batteries at end of life. Carl will talk about the North American market for transporting, re-using, and recycling lithium ion batteries, including emerging trends and opportunities to minimize the environmental impact and maximize their economic value.


January 29, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST
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