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PV solar and battery energy storage are two separate technologies that are rapidly merging while undergoing continued cost reductions, especially in the large grid-connected front-of-the-meter (FTM) market. Large hybrid solar + storage projects already provide energy, capacity, ancillary services as well as transmission and distribution services, and are beginning to dominate some interconnection queues.

While there are technical, economic and regulatory reasons for the convergence of PV solar and energy storage, there are also barriers to solar + storage installation and operation.  This workshop dives deeply into the technology, economics, markets and regulatory landscape for solar + storage development to highlight the opportunities and pitfalls for both asset developers and service.

Who Should Attend

  • Solar+storage company staff, especially those interested in the technology, economics, markets and regulatory landscape of the companies’ products;
  • Financial analysts/consultants who prepare asset valuations or due diligence analyses of clean energy options;
  • Potential solar+storage buyers/off-takers interested in evaluating proposals or contracts from solar+storage developers; and
  • Solar developers or owners of solar facilities considering adding storage


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT – 5:30 PM ET / 2:30 PM PT

$295 for ESA Members / $395 Non-Members

This workshop features five educational sessions at once low price. Registration includes access to all the sessions in this workshop and the recordings.


Session 1:  (45 minutes) Making Hay While the Sun Shines:  the Fundamental Solar + Storage Value Proposition

The old adage to “make hay while the sun shines” provides a metaphor of the value created by combining solar + storage in hybrid facilities, in that storage adds flexibility for operators to decide how much and when to provide electric energy to the grid from the solar energy resource that otherwise is fixed and immutable by nature.

Attendees will understand how the burgeoning market for solar + storage arose and how the combination of these technologies creates value in an evolving marketplace. 

Session 2: (60 Minutes)  A Dazzling Array:  Solar + Storage Technology Options & Development Considerations

There is no single solar + storage technology, as the various options for combining the technology determine (1) the capabilities of the facility; (2) the regulatory category/treatment of the facility; and (3) the value of the asset in various market contexts.  This session outlines the most prevalent configurations and describes their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Attendees will understand how various solar + storage configurations interact with the grid and what regulatory requirements apply to alternative hybrid models. This will form the basis for analyzing value of different solar + storage options.

Session 3:  (60 minutes) Thinking it Through:  Planning & Analyzing Solar + Storage

Project developers need to determine if a solar + storage asset will be a profitable investment, which involves a complex analysis of the solar resource, identification and estimation of value streams available from providing grid services, and how well intertemporal optimization of battery charging/discharging will perform.  Beyond the financial analyses of project sponsors, due diligence from potential investors also requires objective assessment of project economics across a range of market and regulatory scenarios.

Attendees will understand the essential elements of conducting financial performance projections for solar + storage, across a range of technologies and in various market settings.   

Session 4:  (60 minutes)  From Concept to Commissioning:  Building, Contracting and Operating Solar + Storage

When a developer or project sponsor of a solar + storage facility decides to proceed to construction, a host of new concerns, requirements and milestones become paramount to success. From site selection and land acquisition to contract negotiations to warranties and insurance, the choices available and the decisions made will make the difference between success and failure. 

Attendees will understand how solar + storage proposals become solar + storage facilities, and how such facilities are operated and managed through their life cycle to provide valuable services and reward investors.   

Session 5:  (45 Minutes)  Changing Markets & Policy:  The Future of Solar + Storage

While solar + storage presently is an ascendant clean energy resource, the technologies, markets and regulatory frameworks that will influence the scope and pace of solar + storage development continue to change. Most market and regulatory trends appear to favor accelerated deployments of grid-connected hybrid solar + storage facilities, but strong competition from other clean energy technologies and unpredictable policy shifts may emerge to slow the acceleration of deployments

Attendees will understand the fundamental drivers of the surge in solar + storage deployments, and how changes in these drivers can affect the pace of development.

Featured Speakers

  • Tony Abate, Senior Consultant, Customized Energy Solutions
  • Erin Childs, Senior Manager, Strategen
  • Dan Finn-Foley, Principal Consultant, PA Consulting
  • Robert LaFaso, Senior Energy Analyst, Ascend Analytics
  • Dr. Sudipta Lahiri, Director of Storage and Grid Edge Intelligence, DNV

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