October 1, 2019

Focused on The Future: NEC’s Take on What’s Next for the Energy Storage Industry

NEC is a pioneer and leader in the utility-scale energy storage market. Since 2008, the company has more than 750 MW of energy storage projects planned or already online worldwide. We sat down with NEC leadership to discuss what’s on the horizon for the Westborough, Mass.-based company.

Recognizing the growth and importance of artificial intelligence technology, NEC’s proprietary software platform AEROS® feeds live data to an energy storage system that predicts capacity degradation to better manage efficiency. The platform can stand alone as the GSS® control and automation system or can communicate with the existing site controller or other external energy management system for seamless integration with utility systems. The result allows energy storage customers to maximize the value of their power with knowledge and flexibility.

Earlier this year, NEC worked closely with the New York City Fire Department and the New York City Department of Buildings for 1 MW energy storage systems in New York City as part of a project with GI Energy. New York City has some of the most stringent rules in the country for lithium-ion energy storage systems. After completing safety tests as defined by UL9540A, NEC received approvals from both organizations. The results show the effectiveness of the NEC lithium-ion battery system fire protection design under forced thermal runaway conditions.

“Safety and reliability are two of our top priorities at NEC. Our experience and understanding of NYC’s concerns and permitting requirements enabled us to secure approvals for these projects, which will provide invaluable insight for projects moving forward,” said Roger Lin, Vice President Marketing of NEC Energy Solutions.

Additionally, NEC has taken a leadership role in ESA’s Corporate Responsibility Initiative, which launched in early 2019. The company is working with industry partners and ESA members to establish safety protocols, guidelines and regulations to ensure the storage industry adheres to comprehensive standards. The CRI just issued its first product: an emergency response plan that provides a comprehensive playbook for risk and safety issue management for site owners and operators.

NEC believes that the key to safe energy storage is in system integration, and the heart of battery safety is the battery management system (BMS).

“Whether it’s storage in dense urban areas or remote rural communities, NEC develops only the most efficient and safe energy storage systems,” Lin said. “The future of clean and renewable energy is dependent on energy storage and we are working on the most reliable and safest technologies to help realize a cleaner, smarter energy future.”

For more information on NEC Energy Solutions, log on to www.neces.com

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