September 9, 2019

New Risk Management Publication Marks the Latest Step in Energy Storage Industry’s Commitment to Safety

Energy Storage Association White Paper Highlights Cross-Industry Approach

Washington, DC (September 9, 2019) – As the energy storage industry continues to expand—doubling its market in 2018 and a trend toward doubling again in 2019—the Energy Storage Association today published a white paper on operational risk management, advancing the industry’s ongoing effort to reinforce industry-wide safety standards.

The paper, Operational Risk Management in the US Energy Storage Industry: Lithium-Ion Fire and Thermal Event Safety, examines how fire and thermal event risk prevention and management are currently being addressed in the energy storage industry; outlines the operational risks associated with energy storage applications; and analyzes best practices as well as codes and standards governing battery storage systems.

“The energy storage industry takes its responsibility seriously to provide safe, reliable products and services to our customers and our communities,” said ESA CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman. “As the national trade association and the voice of the energy storage industry, we are taking this next step in the national conversation to assess the state of today’s standards, and work with stakeholders to ensure safety and corporate responsibility as we deploy energy storage across the country.”

The publication includes an examination of effective risk management standards that ensure energy storage system safety today, and the steps being taken to ensure the safety of these technologies. The report includes detailed recommendations such as the following:

  • Design Battery Safety from the Bottom Up
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Design Rules at Various Points of Manufacturing and Installation
  • Risk Management at Component Level vs. System Level
  • Testing the Interoperability of Components Within a Full System
  • Coordinating with Agencies and Authorities

The white paper also identifies current safety and risk management best practices for industry-related communications, training and ongoing operations.

The release of the paper is concurrent with the ongoing activities of ESA’s Corporate Responsibility Initiative Task Force, a cross-industry collaborative effort in which participating companies will identify and recommend standards and specific practices to optimize performance and minimize risk in the manufacturing, implementation and operation of energy storage projects across the United States. The Task Force is in the process of developing consensus best-practice guidance in several areas, including multi-hazard risk mitigation and emergency response.


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