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February 24, 2016

Call for Nominees - Brad Roberts Awards

The Energy Storage Association (ESA) is seeking candidates for the Brad Roberts Outstanding Industry Achievement by a Member Organization Award.  The Award will highlight the accomplishments of a member company [...]Read More

The ESA Blog, The ESA Blog

November 03, 2013

Facts & Figures

According to market research firm IHS, the global energy storage market is growing exponentially to an annual installation size of 6 gigawatts (GW) in 2017 and over 40 GW by 2022 — [...]Read More

The ESA Blog, The ESA Blog

October 24, 2013

Frequency Regulation

In order to synchronize generation assets for electrical grid operation, the alternating current (AC) frequency must be held within tight tolerance bounds. Different methods available for “frequency regulation” include generator inertia, adding and subtracting generation assets, [...]Read More


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The ESA Blog, The ESA Blog

October 23, 2013

Unleashing the Power of Energy Storage

On any regular day, utility companies have to plan how much energy to generate and distribute onto the grid.  They try to predict what customers will do based on historical [...]Read More

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September 24, 2013

Transmission Support and Avoidance of Congestion Charges

Electricity storage improves the performance of the transmission system to the extent that it increases the load carrying capacity of the transmission system, a benefit accrues if additional load carrying capacity defers the need to add [...]Read More

The ESA Blog, The ESA Blog

September 24, 2013

Flexible Peaking Resource

Many types of electricity storage are well-suited to provide what is often referred to as “peaking” electric supply resources. Peaking resources are an important element of utilities’ portfolio of electric supply resources that are [...]Read More

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September 24, 2013

Distributed Grid-Connected PV Integration

Distributed grid-connected photovoltaics (PV) is playing an increasingly significant role as an electric supply resource and as an integral part of the electrical grid. However, PV poses some notable challenges [...]Read More

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August 24, 2013

End-User Bill Management

Electricity storage can be used to reduce the cost incurred for electric service. The benefit can be significant. There are two variations on this value proposition. One involves electricity end-users that pay “time-of-use” [...]Read More

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June 24, 2013

Community Energy Storage

The concept of community energy storage (CES) has captured the imagination of the growing ranks of stakeholders with interest in electricity storage (storage). It involves electric utility owned storage that is distributed, being located [...]Read More

The ESA Blog

May 24, 2013

Uninterruptible Power Systems

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an electricity storage system that is used to reduce or avoid negative effects and costs associated with electrical service outages and/or poor power quality (PQ). During outages, the stored energy is used [...]Read More

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