State Policy

Energy policies and decisions related to our local electric power distribution systems are primarily made by state legislators and regulators.  Therefore, we enlist ESA members to take the pulse of these policymakers, and then conduct targeted outreach efforts to educate as many state leaders as possible.  

The focus of our activity at the state level is to advocate for a prudence review of all transmission, generating capacity, and distribution proposals, to ensure that energy storage-based options are properly and routinely considered by buyers of electricity.  We are pleased to have participated by:

  • Serving on the steering committee for the Massachusetts Grid Modernization Initiative that includes provisions for energy storage and filing comments.
  • Conducting surveys of State-level PUCs and legislatures and releasing a report on their understanding of the importance of energy storage.
  • Filing comments to the California PUC on energy storage, leading to the 50 MW LA Basin Capacity mandates and supporting the 1.3 gigawatt target set forth by the CPUC.
  • Conducting workshops at NARUC for regulators and their staff.
  • Participating in the FERC Kansas Regional Transmission Summit and speaking at CESA, NY-BEST, NAATBatt, Legislative Energy Horizon Institute and a variety of other venues for state policymakers and the state energy storage industry.