Location: United States, Kentucky

Application: Renewable Integration, Storage Plus Solar

Sunverge Energy Storage Helps Glasgow Electric Plant Board Meet Demand and Increase Load Factor

Project Goals

  • Reduce peak demand by 25% during demand response events, enabling customers to offset high demand charges.
  • Use energy storage systems as part of the energy efficiency program to encourage customers to reduce their usage and save energy and push it to the grid during demand response events.
  • Meet Federal and State emission standards.
  • Quantify benefits of integrating Sunverge systems with ecobee smart thermostats and GE tankless water heaters to improve overall energy efficiency.

Integrated Energy Storage as a Key Component in Demand Response Management

To improve both reliability and better shape load, the Glasgow EPB has taken an approach it calls “Infotricity.” Taking advantage of the utility’s dual role as the broadband supplier to customers as well as their electricity provider, the Glasgow EPB has focused on making both the grid and the home more intelligent and therefore more efficient in its electric consumption. To take the Infotricity concept to the next level, the EPB chose a subset of its residential customers to participate in a three-year project to greatly improve demand response management.

Connecting Energy Storage to the Community

Glasgow Electric then partnered with the University of Louisville. With the leadership of Dr. Michael McIntyre, the University helped to design a coincident peak tariff and lead analysis of the benefits of the energy storage systems under this rate model.

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