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ESA directly advocates on behalf of the U.S. energy storage industry to Congress and across federal agencies. Through educational briefings, meetings with officials and legislators, and policy advice, ESA seeks to make the U.S. energy storage industry a national priority.

In Congress, ESA works engages with the relevant committees of jurisdiction (e.g., tax, energy, infrastructure, R&D) and Member offices to support the introduction and advancement of legislation that unlocks greater investment and hiring in the U.S. storage industry. In the Administration, ESA engages with the White House and the Departments of Energy, Defense, Commerce, Treasury, and other agencies as appropriate to enhance public investments in energy storage innovation, deployment, and promotion.

Federal ESA Filings

ESA engages with officials at the White House and across the Departments to educate on energy storage technologies markets and inform federal activities promoting energy storage. In addition, ESA educates Members of Congress on energy storage technologies and the U.S. industry, building broad and bipartisan support for initiatives on storage to address a variety of public policy priorities.

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As grid-scale energy storage systems take root in operation throughout the United States, ESA has worked to educate staff and commissioners at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on the role of energy storage in competitive energy markets. Our main priority is to remove impediments and reward innovation in open markets for ancillary services, non-organized markets, and other applications for advanced energy storage technologies.

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State ESA Filings

ESA’s policy team, with the help of our members and allies on the ground, are engaging with state commissions, legislatures and governor’s offices to open up the storage market.

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