COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has taken hold of American business prospects, and the energy storage industry is no different. In a follow-up to our March 16 survey on deployment delays, please take two minutes to answer this brief, four-question anonymous survey on how the pandemic is affecting our industry.

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ESA’s Efforts

The impact of COVID-19 has changed the way we perform our personal and professional priorities, the way we do business on a daily basis, and our plans for key activities this year. ESA continues to pursue our mission to accelerate the widespread use of competitive and reliable energy storage systems in North America, even if we have to do so remotely and electronically. Read about our key actions in response to Covid-19 here.

Advocacy on COVID-19 Impacts

ESA is committed to assisting the energy storage industry in the face of challenges with project deployment stemming from COVID-19 and consequent economic and jobs impacts. As such, ESA is actively seeking relief from Members of Congress and the Administration within economic stimulus measures, including considerations for continuity of employment and business operations for the U.S. energy storage industry. We continue to pursue opportunities for inclusion of stand-alone energy storage tax credit in any and every vehicle possible, including the provision for direct pay or cash option, which may provide more immediate relief to the financial stresses on our members and the industry.

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