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July 10, 2020

Statement from ESA CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman on FERC Order 841

“ESA congratulates the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on the Washington, D.C. circuit court decision to reaffirm FERC’s landmark Order 841,” said ESA CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman. “This is an enormous step for energy storage, with the affirmation that energy storage connected at the distribution level must have the option to access wholesale markets, allowing homes and businesses to contribute to the resiliency, efficiency, sustainability, and affordability of the grid.”

“This latest affirmation of Order 841 is especially important as it ensures energy storage can contribute all its values to the grid, regardless of its connection point. As our electric system becomes more modernized and distributed, we are seeing the regulatory frameworks at both the wholesale and retail levels adjust to that reality. ESA has long been an advocate for the whole of Order 841, and we celebrate this win for FERC, for the grid, and for consumers.”

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