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March 7, 2019

Storage 101: A Survey of Storage Technologies

The expansion of the storage industry is driven in large part by the underlying technology. February’s Storage 101 webinar educates listeners on the latest developments, including findings from the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) recent survey on storage technologies. Listen in and learn from guest speakers about the attributes and differentiators within storage technology and what the EPRI survey can tell us.

Starting off the conversation, Ben Kaun, an energy storage program manager with EPRI, talked about the institute’s mission of “advance integration and use of safe, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible energy storage.”

Next up, Erin Minear, an EPRI technical leader, discussed the technical characteristics of energy storage and the importance of power and energy ratings. Minear also explained the importance of storage attributes and how the right attributes can differ based on the use case. “Different technologies have different strengths and really you want to align these with the correct use case.”

To round off the program, Brittany Westlake, PhD, also an EPRI technical leader, focused on how storage technology can provide flexibility and more efficient energy use. “Energy storage can be looked at as a way to store potential energy when its convenient and then to use [it] later.” Westlake also detailed the different energy storage technology categories in a concise and digestible form. 

Check back in regularly for updates on upcoming  Storage 101 programs and the accompanying storagePLUS webinar series. These resources are designed to help keep ESA members up-to-date on the latest industry news and share information with fellow energy industry stakeholders.

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