March 7, 2019

StoragePLUS Network: StoragePLUS Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and energy storage go hand in hand. On January 30, the inaugural episode of ESA’s StoragePLUS featured top experts examining the ways in which storage can optimize energy efficiency resources, and the benefits storage brings to the overall energy sector. The speakers focused on how energy storage impacts power grid flexibility, energy efficiency, and resiliency.

ICYMI, below is a rundown of what the panelists discussed.

First speaker up was Chris Perry, a senior analyst for the Buildings Program at ACEEE. Perry discussed energy storage software and the benefits it produces in great detail. “Energy Storage Software (ESS) helps integrate storage with other building systems.”

The next speaker was Jeremy Twitchell, an energy research analyst at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash. During his presentation, Jeremy observed the necessity of understanding optimization of storage deployment. “If you want to understand where cost effective opportunities for storage exist, you need to understand beforehand what the value streams are, what the device capabilities are and you need to analyze beforehand how that device is going to perform, given where the value streams are.”

Rounding out the webinar was Lynn Abramson, president of the Clean Energy Business Network. Abramson tied together all the major themes discussed in the webinar, including conservation and ESA’s involvement. “I am really glad that the Energy Storage Association has decided to focus on storage and efficiency that do share that common benefit of reducing the need for overcapacity and allow us to be smarter with the energy that we already have.”

Check back in regularly for updates on upcoming ESA storagePLUS webinars as well as its companion Storage 101 program, which focuses on educating energy industry stakeholders on the different storage technologies, applications, and other unique attributes. Both of these resources help keep ESA members up-to-date on the latest industry news and offer opportunities to share information with fellow energy industry stakeholders.

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