Advanced Energy Storage in Integrated Resource Planning (IRP)

Energy storage deployments are increasing across the United States, contributing to a more efficient, resilient, sustainable, and affordable grid. To continue this progress, it is imperative that utility integrated resource planning be updated to consider advanced energy storage as a viable option for system capacity. Energy storage costs are declining rapidly, and large-scale storage deployments are increasing. With electric utilities planning to invest billions of dollars in new and replacement capacity over the next several years, the time is now to include storage in resource planning to ensure least-cost solutions for ratepayers and prudent long-term investments for reliability.

In this June 2018 update to ESA’s primer on Advanced Energy Storage in Integrated Resource Planning, we provide an overview on how to appropriately include advanced storage in long-term utility resource planning processes with examples from utilities already doing so. In addition, the report includes a set of up-to-date cost inputs from publicly available sources, a summary of utility IRPs from 2016-2017 that examine energy storage, and a list of recent state regulatory decisions on including storage in IRPs.


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