Why Join the Energy Storage Association?

We represent the entire energy storage industry, from the smallest technology companies and consultants, to the largest corporations, manufacturers and project developers.  Through our staff and membership, we actively work to create new, fair, and competitive markets for energy storage systems both in Washington DC and at the state level. Our members truly drive the industry that they work in, every day.

ESA members collaborate to enhance our powerful support for the energy storage industry.  Consider that:

  • Membership keeps time-strapped business owners aware of critical industry issues, trends and legislation.
  • Many professionals rarely have the chance to meet influential people in their industry – and our networking events make that happen.
  • The benefits of membership include opportunities for you and your team to assume visible leadership roles within the organization. 
  • We have various membership levels that are tiered based on the size of your company.
  • We offer reduced rates for student members.
  • Membership not only benefits your employees, but it also projects a positive image of your entire firm to your customers – showing your initiative and commitment to stay ahead of market developments.

Join ESA now to expand your business.